Welcome to Hirsch Coaching, where we help people succeed. We are a coaching and consulting company that partners with corporations and individuals to help them work more effectively, productively and enjoyably with customers, peers, subordinates and suppliers. As long as there are human beings in your company, your business can benefit from executive coaching.

Most people underestimate the importance of interpersonal skills in one’s leadership ability, job performance and career success. At Hirsch Coaching, we believe that the success of a corporation, organization, or individual is driven significantly by the ability to:

  • Develop and sustain successful professional relationships.
  • Lead the people within one’s group or team to foster successful relationships among themselves.

Studies have shown that these interpersonal skills are a major contributor towards excellence in leadership. The most successful leaders place the appropriate emphasis and attention on their relationships and develop their interpersonal skills to a higher degree than do their peers.

The ability to communicate well, handle conflict, and build solid relationships with those around you is a key factor in determining success. Enlightened executives know this and are hiring Executive Coaches with greater frequency to enhance these skills and are achieving excellent results.

Findings from a study of human resource executives worldwide (The Hay Group, 2002) showed:

  • Nearly 80% of the companies used executive coaches to some extent.
  • Over 60% cited interpersonal skills as one of the areas being coached.
At Hirsch Coaching, we develop and enhance an executive’s success by focusing on: Because we believe that success in life is not limited to the performance in one’s job, we also do personal coaching, where we help people achieve personal goals and create a richly fulfilling, and successful life. (Please visit our Personal Coaching page for more.)

What is Coaching and How Does It Work?

Coaching is an interactive process in which the coach asks critical, directed questions to help improve performance by focusing on any or all of the following:

  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Addressing issues
  • Better utilizing strengths
  • Creating and successfully executing an action plan

The coach works with individuals in customized ways to suit their unique needs, personalities and goals. The relationship is a partnership, with mutually agreed upon:

  • Goals
  • Systems for working together
  • Feedback mechanisms

When the coach is hired by an employer to work with a subordinate, all three meet to set specific goals, agree on what feedback will be provided to the employer, and establish a timeline for when that will occur.


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