About Debra Hirsch

A graduate of the Wharton School, Debra spent 17 years in the corporate world as an advertising and marketing executive. During that time, Debra worked successfully with dozens of Fortune 500 clients, working most extensively with Procter and Gamble, General Mills and Pillsbury. She also led and managed dozens of individuals, training them, developing their strengths, and providing candid and constructive feedback.

During her tenure as a Group Account Director in a large advertising agency, a key part of her job was to create strong and effective teams among the various departments in the agency and between the agency groups and the client. To this end, Debra often initiated offsite meetings to establish team rules and best practices, air grievances, and generally strengthen working relationships.

As a direct result of these meetings and ongoing attention to the relationship, the businesses Debra ran consistently received some of the highest Agency Review scores the agency ever achieved.

In 2001, realizing that her favorite part of her job was this interpersonal aspect, Debra left the corporate world to focus solely on coaching. She completed coursework at the Coaches Training Institute in 2001, and remains fresh in her coaching learning by participating regularly in classes as a student of the Coachville School of Coaching.

Debra runs workshops and does one-on-one coaching. Her effervescent style, keen insights, and straightforward nature make her an effective coach with whom her varied clients enjoy working.


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